Georgian and Russian Experts Searching Ways for Normalization

The project aims to raise confidence between Georgian and Russian experts, identify ways for further normalization of Russia-Georgia relations through experts' contributions as well as to assist the existing formats of consultations between the parties to receive the new momentum.

The project encompasses:

  1.  A  Meeting between the nominated groups of experts from Georgia and Russia in a free discussion to make the joint analysis of the status of relations between the countries;
  2. Conference with participation of  wider range of Georgian experts and representatives of some official structures, with an objective to make Georgian community of opinion makers experts and relevant officials familiar with the ideas and attitudes of Russian experts on issues having influence on the present and future of Georgia-Russia relations;
  3. Elaboration of the policy briefs by the project participants.

During the previous meetings back in 2016 the experts wrote mainly on topics of mutual Georgian-Russian interest. Current project envisages analysis of main discrepancies in the Georgian-Russian approaches on the issues concerning both countries directly or related to the ardent topics of international and regional scale.  The authors will be asked to write about the outcome and risks of such divergences, as well as possible ways to mitigate the risks and reconcile the positions.

The project is implemented in partnership with Friedrich Ebert Stiftung. 

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