Black Sea Peacebuilding Project (BSPN)

The project represents a first attempt focusing on civil society contribution to conflict resolution in the Black Sea area. 

The project embraces 4 countries of the Wider Black Sea region suffering from the internal ethnic conflicts, aims at enhancing the capacity of the international community and local actors in enacting mediation and dialogue for effective conflict resolution. The purpose is to strengthen society and peace-building in local communities and regions by seeking to influence and change attitudes of conflict parties. 

A further contextual point is that there is a broad initiative by the Black Sea NGO Forum to build up the civil society regional platforms for peacebuilding which will include national forums. This initiative might serve as a connection point in order to establish ties between the current involved NGOs and further organisations. In addition, such national forums would benefit from the role of CMI which aims to act as a regional facilitator in order to ensure strengthened ties between NGOs, governments and the EU. As a local partner for CMI GFSIS is responsible for facilitating the creation of the National NGO forum in Georgia and convey meetings of involved organisations.

Implementation of the project goes through several components, among them: organisation of monthly meetings of the Georgian Civil Society Organisations and Expert’s Council with respective presentations, debates and reports; design of the web page to provide wider communication and information on the ideas and findings coming out of the meetings; the BSPN bulletin will provide wider public with the set of analytical articles on the conflict resolution, peacebuilding, regional security and stability, EU’s contribution and the role in peacebuilding developed by Georgian and International experts. 

With this we hope to raise public interest to the problem of prevention and peaceful resolution of conflicts, contribute to development of the widespread debate and push the dialogue on the national and regional levels with participation of all stake holders. 

Project Team 

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